May 19, 2013


It wasn't a warm and sunny day yesterday. It was kind of cloudy and a little chilly even. So i decided to wear my wool sweather and a leather jacket to keep me warm. I have a lot of sunglasses, so i always carry one in my bag. This was the one i 'wore', i didn't actually get to wear it since the weather kind of sucked.. but if i would have, these sunnies would be the ones i would have worn.
I paired it with some simple blue jeans, nothing special, just keepin' it casual. For shoes i wore my black converse. I went to my local supermarket with two of my best friends, to get some groceries for the night. We met with the whole girls group and had a really fun, laid-back girls night with lots of food and drinks. 

Getting back on topic, i decided to put my stuff in my chestnut colored bag. It's really a great size, not too big, not too small. Perfect for shopping or if i'm just hanging out with my friends.  
For some color i wore coral cheecks, lips and added a gorgeous coral necklace that my mom got from morocco. It was hers, but she told me i could have it. The necklace is made of real gemstones so the quality of this necklace is really nice. 

A ring that my mother bought in the beautiful Villagio mall in Qatar.

The sunglasses and bag i was carrying yesterday.

(Images: all mine).

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May 12, 2013


Big, bold & silver.
It's definitely a statement piece. In my opnion it's bold, yet simple. I love it, so pretty! 
The balance between the big 'stones' and the calm, suttle colors is why i bought this necklace in the first place. I haven't worn this necklace in ages! I wouldn't wear this necklace on a daily basis, since it's quite 'in your face' but i have worn it to some parties. I actually do think you could get away with it if you're wearing it with a very casual outfit, a black blazer, a simple white v-neck, some light washed jeans,etc.  
My favorite way i've ever worn it has to be with my dark purple/eggplant  colore 'sleeved'  dress (it doens't have a sleeve, but it has one strap on my left shoulder). The necklace really made the outfit - aah, i just love the look this necklace gives.
This has to be my favorite statement necklace of the ones i own! I bought it almost two years ago - wow, time goes by so fast! I purchased it at V&D (€17,95). 

(Images: all mine).

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May 6, 2013


Gorgeous color right?! I've had this nail polish for a while now, but i didn't use it often. So instead of neglecting this pretty color, i decided to wear it again. I usually prefer 'cream' finishes, but let's be honest, this color is amazing. I think the shimmers add something 'mysterious' if that makes any sense..
In my opinion it's the perfect navy color - not too bright, not too dark. 

Here you can see me wearing the nail varnish. I've been wearing it for three days, if i'm not mistaking. I didn't notice any chipping apart from some 'fading/chipping' at the tips of my nails. That's really a record for me. Usually in two days i can see the first signs of chipping.. no matter what brand nail polish i'm wearing (i have very, very weak nails, that's the reason i like to keep them short!) For the layers of nail polish, i'm currently wearing one. It's very pigmented, so you could still get away with one layer!
I might add one more layer later this week since i didn't have any patience - painting my nails, wating.. no i wasn't in the mood, haha! 
If i could change one thing, i would change the applicator! It has a thin brush, it's fine i guess.. but i do prefer a thicker brush - just because you can easily paint your nails!

Color: 650 - Midnight blue 

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May 4, 2013


My new obsession. Immediately when i saw this Sleek blush at the BG party (click HERE to read all about it) i knew i had to have it. I've been using it since the day i got it, and i love it so far. The color, the finish, everything. It's a matte blush, which i didn't have before, don't ask me how! I only had blushes with a shimmer to them. This is definitely the blush that i use most right now, on a daily basis. 
It's very pigmented, but blends very nicely into my skin. When i take a look around my other blushes, i see i have a lot of bronzy and brown colors and literally one other color,  kind of a dark/deep raspberry color, very pretty. But on a daily basis i like to keep it simple and natural by wearing a brown/bronzy blush. I like the color it adds to my face, yet being very subtle and natural. 

I've been experciencing some complications though.. i have a rash around my eyes/ above my cheekbones - not pretty - and only getting worse.. It looks so, so weird. I'm still trying to figure out how that goes and if it's caused by the blush.  I have a feeling it isn't the blush, but a new make up remover i've been using, but i'll keep you guys updated! Let's keep our fingers crossed that it isn't this gorgeous blush causing this awful rash.. 

Have you ever tried a blush by Sleek? if so, did/do you like their blushes?!

 Look at this gorgeous color!


Very pigmented

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May 1, 2013


SUMMER NIGHTS I literally can't wait for the summer to arrive. Seriously summer, where are you?! Those long and warm days... just thinking about it makes me incredibly happy. I know this is kind of off topic but.. i guess we could call this.... off topic thursday?! Haha! But then again, in the summer there's so much more you can wear! I like clothes/outfits better in summer, most of the time though.

Here in Holland the summers aren't that great, at least most ot the time they aren't. But let's keep our fingers crossed the weather won't be too bad this year! 

I love traveling abroad. Especially tropical and warm countries, just thinking about those countries makes crave summer. I mean.. the sun, the beach, food, etc. It's all great! I even love being in an airplane. My favorite place(s) that i've ever visited have to be... Dubai, Qatar & Egypt! 
Dubai and Qatar are simular but amazing, breath taking, sooo much fun and i think they have to be one of the hottest countries i've ever, ever been to! Egypt is also a lot of fun and great for those who love a place that is super warm, lives and literally never sleeps. 
Some places i have to visit one day are: Turks and Caicos Islands, Tulum (Mexico), Dominican Republic, etc. I could go on for days. Literally. 

Also the great memories in the summer; no school, no work or whatever, so that means..... a lot of spare time! Just hanging out with friends and overall having a great time. 

Swimming is definitely one of my favorite activities in the summer. It's refreshing and yet so much fun. I'll be linking some amazing songs beneith these pictures, that will definitely make you crave the summer - if you weren't already!

Fresh fruit is the best thing in summer. no, wait.. scratch that. It's always the perfect time for fresh fruit! 
(images: all from

I love all different kinds of music, i can't specifically tell you what i like, its kind of all over the place. My music taste is very versatile; Mike Posner, Hoodie Allen, Matthew Koma, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, OneRepublic, The Neighbourhood, Coldplay, etc.
These songs will definitely make you crave the summer - if you didn't already! 'Sunlight' was my jam two or three years ago, but it's such a good and summer-y song! 'If I Lose Myself is a new song on OneRepublic's newest album 'Native'. 'No Faith In Brooklyn' reminds me of my great summer memories.

OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself
Bag Raiders - Sunlight 
Hoodie Allen - No Faith In Brooklyn 

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