Jul 20, 2013


I'm loving this trend. I've been seeing these flower patterned clothes in so many stores. I'm especially lovin' the flower patterned jackets/blazers and trousers. It looks so girly and sophisticated, yet you could dress it down and look casual. Love it, he choices are endless.

If this is a little too much for you, but still want to participate in wearing some cool flower patterned clothing, you could look for accesories with flower prints. Think of clutches, bags, etc. OR you could still wear flower patterned trousers- but instead of the flowers being pink, yellow, or whatever color, go for black and white flowers. It will look more suttle and very chic!

I myself have a blazer that is navy blue and has some vague flowers on it, it's very suttle and i just love wearing it. 
I also have some light pink shorts that have pastel colored flowers on them, SO CUTE! (will be shown in an upcoming OOTD!)

Let me know in the comments what you guys think of the flower patterned clothing! This trend is HOT this summer! 

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Jul 12, 2013


Two or three weeks ago I bought these running shoes at DAKA in Rotterdam. My twin sister also bought the same pair. We had already been looking for good (and pretty haha!) running shoes. So when we saw these we immediately knew we both had to get our selves a pair! 

Since i bought them i've been trying to run atleast two to three times a week. Since last year i've been more into 'health' and trying to consume less junkfood, i've been doing quite good! I still love my occasional potato chips, fries, McDonalds, candy, etc!

Next to eating 'healthier', I didn't work-out or do anyting active. One of my excuses used to be: "I can't run, I don't have any running shoes!". Well those days are over! 
I really didn't want to run in some random shoes and ruin my feet. I already have some issue's with my feet and I really wanted to invest in some running shoes.

They run great - they're very light, bouncy and super comfy!

The day i got these babies, i immediately went for a run with my sister and a good friend of mine. 
I used to cycle everyday to school, but since I use the tram on a daily basis to go to school, i literally don't do anything 'active'. 

I'm kind of a lazy person when it comes to sports and stuff. But i really don't mind running! As long as it isn't pouring outside or something. The feeling after a run is amazing. I feel so good! 

I think the original price was somewhere around €90,00 but i bought them for €69,99. Great price if you ask me! 

Images: all mine.

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Jul 5, 2013


About three weeks ago i was in need to change up and buy some new skin care products. My skin was dry, i had some spots, it looked weird and it was an overall mess. A friend of mine recommended me these products, from the brand Zarqa. I had never heard of this brand before, but i was open for a change.  

Before these products i was kind of bad with using skin care products. I would only cleanse my face with a face wash and that would be it. There were also some days where i would use a moisturizer if my skin felt very dry. It's kind of weird that i got so 'lazy' with my skin care.
I used to always take good care of my skin and use my products (clinique 3-step). But i got very busy with a lot of things, so when it was time to take my make-up off, i would quickly wash my face with my face wash and maybe use a moisturizer and that was it- I know this works for some people, lucky you! But it doesn't do the trick for me. 

I'm glad i'm back in my good habits of treating my skin right, and it has been rewarding! 
my skin looks- and feels better. When i wear make-up, my foundation looks and applies better, just like it did when i used my Clinique 3-step products! 

I highly recommend everyone to take good care of your skin. Your skin will thank you! 
Your make-up will also look so much better if your skin is nourished and taken good care of. 

I bought these products at 'De Tuinen'. It's a store we have here in Holland, it has a lot of natural products and health supplements. I'm not sure if they sell this brand in other countries but you could always google around. I first of all love that it is 100% fragrance-free, contains no parabens, paraffin and colouring effects. 

After i've washed my face with one of my random face washes (i have a lot of different ones, so I will be using a different one everyday) I will use this tonic. It feels very nice on my skin. I use a cotton ball to apply the product to my skin. The same way i used to apply my Clinique tonic. It has the same 'cooling' effect afterwards (the Clinique moisturizer is a bit more intense though). I'm guessing this effect occurs because of the Aloe Vera (this is the ingredient that makes my skin soft and soothing.
The tonic is supose to control adolescent pimples and blackheads. Although I don't have blackheads or (many) pimples. I only get them some at a certain time of the month. I find that this tonic does a wonderful job at controlling them!  

I'm in love with this moisturizer! I don't know if it's this cream on it's own or in combination with the toner, but my skin feels SO soft afterwards! 
My skin will feel AND look so nourished, incredible! 

I also have some little scars and hyperpigmentation on my face. Luckily, this product is making these fade! And these results have occured after only using these products for 2/3 weeks. I think i can safely say that the Zarqa and Clinique products are my favorite skin care brands of all time! They've given me the best results! 

Zarqa Pure Skin Cream - €9,69
Zarqa Pure Skin Cleansing Tonic - €8,69

What products do you use for your skin care?!

Images: all mine

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Jul 2, 2013


White nails. They were already huge last year and the year before that, but recently i've been spotting them more and more often. Especially in magazines, on other blogs, backstage at the runways, tumblr, etc. I love the look they give, i can't really explain it. What i also like about wearing white nail polish, is that my nails look so 'clean'. Am i the only one?! It's something i always have with lighter nail polish colors.
Not everyone is a fan of white nail polish though. Some people think it looks like Tipp-ex (-a white correction fluid). 

I personally love white nail polish. I never wear specific colors in the summer (or winter), although with white, I only wear it in the summer. The same goes for some other colors and it also depends what mood i'm in, etc. 

In the picture up here you can see that the person doesn't have a glossy finish, it has a velvet finish! 
I haven't seen this before, only matte, glossy and lace. It's very different from what i'm used to, but i love it! 
Especially on the white nails, i don't know if this would look on other colors too, but i love this look on white nail polish.

What are some of your favorite colors to wear in the summer?!

Image: feedmefashion.com


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