Oct 20, 2013


Hey gals! 
So this is my OOTD from a couple of days ago. Since it's getting colder here in Holland, you obviously have to dress a little warmer than usual. I love this sweather, i bought it at H&M a couple of weeks ago. 

It's so comfy and it does the job of keeping me warm! To complete the outfit i wore some simple black skinny jeans, a golden necklace (i bought it at Primark, i think they still sell them right now, but i'm not quite sure since i haven't been there for a while) and my black chelsea boots, which are my favorite boots at the moment. 

I'm actually kind of excited about fall (except for the rain.. that just sucks, haha!) but think of the colorful autumn leaves, the coziness, warm sweathers, caramel apples (yum!) and so much more! 

»« Black & White Patterned Sweather - H&M (€24,95) »«

(Images: all mine)
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Oct 15, 2013


Hey gals! 
I love wearing liquid liner, it really defines the eyes and i find that it makes the eyes stand out even more than just with some mascara. There are different ways to wear your eyeliner but my favorite one HAS to be the winged eyeliner though! At the moment i love using this eyeliner by Catrice. It's super black (and has a matte finish, that's deinifitely a plus point for me) and easy to apply. It stays on all day and doesn't fade away troughout the day.

The applicator is really thin and kind of like a 'marker', i find it great for making a precise line! The substance is perfect. I've used a lot of different eyeliners, high-end and budget ones. Some were quite thick or too runny. This is definitely one of my favorite budget ones. 

The color is '010 Dating Joe Black'. And as i mentioned- the pigmentation is really good.
I recommend you buy this eyeliner if you are still looking for one and don't want to spend a lot of money! (€3,79)

(Images: all mine)
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Oct 8, 2013


Hey gals! I'm still obsessed with light nail polishes. I've been wearing thhis color the past week, and i'm loving it! Normally i get sick of a color quite soon and i change it every 5/6 days, but i think i've worn this color 2 times in the past 3 weeks!

I love how my nails look after i painted them with this pretty and suttle color, so 'clean'. 
If that makes any sense.. haha! 
It's by Essence from the Nude Glam collection. I'm pretty sure you can still get it! I bought mine at Kruidvat (a drugstore we have in Holland). 
Color: Essence Nude Glam Nr. 3.
The nailpolish is kind of sheer, so i usually apply two to three coats. I love that it's really shiny and doesn't chip very easily! (especially on my brittle and weak nails...)

(Images: all mine)
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Oct 4, 2013


Hey guys, so since i'm in the city all the time (because of my internship), surrounded by all these different kind of stores, most of the time i end up buying something. 
You could see it as a 'collective haul' since i bought some of these items seperately in the past 2/3 weeks. 

I took these pictures somehwere last week and i did buy some more things since then but those items will be featured in another post upcoming week- maybe an OOTD or something. So stay tuned for that! ;-)

I'm loving the colored pants i bought. I usually tend to wear blue denim jeans or black ones. But you've got to spice your wardrobe up once in a while, right?! 
The scarf is sooo soft and huge! It's going to be perfect for when it gets REALLY cold!
I also bought a simple white blouse with a checkered pattern, i love it. I've already worn it a few times since i bought it. Then, one of my all time favorite perfumes, YSL - Elle. Ugh, it smells soooo good.. I can't tell you enough how much i love this scent. 
In the last picture you can see a gorgeous long sleeved shirt. It's see-through at the arms and above the chest and back (not the whole back) aaaand.. it has polka dots! 

(Images: all mine)
Cobalt blue jeans - New Look, 
Scarf - H&M, 
White blouse H&M, 
YSL - Elle, 
Green jeans - H&M, 
Hair clip - Kruidvat, 
Long sleeved polka dot shirt - H&M

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Oct 1, 2013


This trend has been big for quite sometime now. Everywhere i look- magazines, tumblr, etc. I see people wearing all black or black combined with silver or gold. Combining it with gold has been huuuge. You might have seen models wearing it down the runways, in the stores and such. I personally am not a big fan of gold, but i've got to admit that i'm lovin' this trend! Especially mixed with the black. It kind of has this 'mysterious' look or something.. i don't really know, haha! I just love the look it gives. 

"Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: "I don’t bother you - don’t bother me".  Yohji Yamamoto

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