Dec 28, 2013


(Images: all mine)

Hey gals!
For today's outfit i wore this big, soft and comfortable sweather. I paired it with some dark purple skinnies (like an eggplant color to be really specific.). For shoes i wore my black chelsea boots, very comfy! 

For jewellery i kept it simple. I was deciding wheter to wear a statement necklace or my Mi Moneda necklace, which i chose because it adds a little extra without being 'too much'. I wanted the focus to be on the sweather. 

Sweather × New Look 
Pants × H&M 
Necklace × Mi Moneda 

Dec 23, 2013



You might have noticed that the plaid trend is HOT at the moment. A lot of stores are selling plaid clothing or accessories. It has also been very trendy on the runway, a lot of designers are using plaid, checkered, tartan, etc. I love how plaid can be worn in so many different ways, edgy, casual, dressy- you name it. 

What's your opinion on this trend?! 

Dec 20, 2013


(Images: all mine)

I love using this Aussie hair conditioner. It makes my hair smell really good, feel soft and yes, really.. frizz free! I especially see a difference when i leave my hair natural (i have naturally curly- but frizzy hair caused by my excessive use of heat...).  

The conditioner smells delicious, it kind of reminds me of candy and bubblegum, yum! Another thing that i like, which isn't important or anything, but i still want to share it; is that the conditioner is a gorgous blue color (my favorite shade of blue!).

I'd recommend this conditioner if you want soft, frizz free and good smelling hair. If your hair is dry and your hair needs a lot of moisture, i wouldn't recommend you this particular one. I'd say go for something thicker or a hair mask. 

Dec 12, 2013


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Hi gals! 
I went to school and was finished at 11 AM, so i thought to myself since i'm already in the city i might as well go and see if i can find some nice things and a shopper! I have two very heavy law books that i don't want to carry in my handbag with my other school books, because it's way too heavy. So instead, i thought it would be a good idea to carry them around in a shopper bag. I bought it at Monki, i love that store! 

The shopper is very simple, black and white. The pattern makes it look very interesting, which i really like. 

Shopper: Monki (€8)

Dec 9, 2013


Hey gals! It's been a while since i posted something, i've turned 18 in the meantime and it's already december.. (seriously though, how did this year fly by SO unbelievable fast?!)

Anyway, let's get on with this post! I LOVE this facial mask. I've used all sorts of masks, but this one is definitely (one of) my favorite facial masks. First of all, it makes my skin feel super smooth, minimizes pores AND it smells like  friggin' chocolate! I mean, what more could you ask for?! 

It goes on very easy and smooth. It's a thick mask, but you could always put on a lighter coat, if that's what you prefer. I usually let it dry until it's all dried up (about 15-20 min.) After that i rinse my face with warm water and apply a moisturizer. I've had this tube for such a long time now, i think it's about 1/2 years!
Price: €4,99

(Images: all mine)