Feb 16, 2014


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Guess what... It's FGW's very 1st anniversary! February 16th 2013, that was the day I started FGW. Time truly flies when you're having fun and in my case time has even passed a little too quick! I missed the anniversary date with five- yes, five days! But i'm going to play around with the schedule and post it as if it is the 16th of February, even though i'm writing this article on the 21st of February...
But I want to thank each and everyone of you guys and gals who has been reading my blog, it really means a lot! 

Feb 15, 2014


(Images: all mine)

Hey gals! Last week my twin sister and I went to Primark to see if we could score some nice accessories. 
I have to say that i found the available selection of accessories kind of disappointing, but I did however get a hold of this gorgeous necklace, I love the style and colors of it!

I think it would be perfect if I would wear with a dress for an event or party, or even in the summer wearing a simple white t-shirt. 

Price Primark necklace: €8,00.

Feb 13, 2014


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This post is a little different from what i usually post on FGW, but I thought it would be a fun change! I won't be doing the "Off Topic Thursdays" on a weekly basis, or any basis for that matter. I will do them if I want to post something that is simply 'off topic'.

Last Thursday I ordered these John Green books and got them delivered on Friday morning, I was very happy when I got them  and also that they were delivered in less than 24 hours made me very excited!
I obviously haven't read all of them already, but i did make a start in "Looking for Alaska", and i have to say: so far, so good! I'm really liking the book already. I honestly can't wait to read all of them, i've heard a lot of great things about these books!

Have you read any of these John Green books? If so, post your thoughts in the comments! I'd love to read them.

Feb 6, 2014


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An essential in all wardrobes, that i think a lot of you can agree with is the black leather jacket. It's simple, casual yet you can look edgy and it up. You can do literally all you want, there are so many options! 
For example, you could wear simple blue jeans (maybe one that's a little bit destroyed to create an edgy and laid back look), a white t-shirt and casually throw a black leather jacket on top and you'd be good to go! 

Are you already the owner of a black leather jacket? If not, rethink this (very crazy) choice in life and may i suggest you go to a clothing store ASAP and get yourself one!

Feb 1, 2014


(Images: all mine)

I'm in love with this color! Usually i'm not the biggest fan of purple, but this is such a gorgeous shade. It applies very easy and the polish has a nice finish. 
I wore the varnish for about 10 to 12 days and i didn't notice any chipping until the after 1 week, which is really good! Normally my nail polish starts to chip after 3 or 4 days. I think it has something to do with the formula of the varnish, but i'm not entirely sure.