Jul 18, 2014


(Images: all mine)

First off, it has been a while hasn't it?! I'd been so busy with school for two weeks straight that when I had this week off I really wasn't in the mood to do anything- not even blog, haha! I needed a little break from doing anything and just binge watch Gossip girl. But now i'm back and ready to start posting regularly again, woohoo! 

I got this gorgeous MAC blush when I was in Berlin on a schooltrip in May. It was love on first sight. Well, kind of. I was debating between this one and a berry colored blush. But 'Peachtwist' made the cut! 
What  can I say? I love my peach colored blushes.  I've been wearing it quite often. It has a very pretty shimmer to it- nothing too much, very subtle! 

After looking at the blushes I own- I did come to the conclusion that I really need some other colors than all the peachy ones because i'm soooo guilty of only buying blushes in the same color range, haha!